Channel letters are a type of three-dimensional signage commonly used for business and storefront identification. These letters are individually fabricated and typically illuminated for enhanced visibility, especially during nighttime hours. Channel letters are popular for retail stores, restaurants, and various commercial establishments.


Key features of channel letters include:

  • Individual LettersEach letter in a channel letter sign is a separate, three-dimensional element. This allows for a distinctive and customized appearance.
  • IlluminationMany channel letters are illuminated to enhance visibility, and various lighting options can be used, including neon or LED lights. The illumination can be direct, where the light shines through the front face, or indirect, where the light is directed onto the letters.
  • MountingChannel letters are typically mounted directly to the building facade, creating a raised, three-dimensional effect. Alternatively, they can be mounted on a raceway, which is a rectangular structure that contains the wiring and provides additional support.
  • CustomizationChannel letters offer a high degree of customization in terms of font, size, color, and lighting. This allows businesses to create a unique and eye-catching signage solution that aligns with their branding.

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Channel letters are widely used for exterior signage due to their versatility and visual impact. They provide businesses with a professional and distinctive way to display their names, logos, and other information, contributing to brand visibility and recognition.

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